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Being an animal lover my whole life, my hope is to do my part in raising awareness on the issue of animal homelessness and to give back to my community.....

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man." ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where oh where is Slick?

As you all know, those who have been following Caring Hearts, since Hemingway passed in August of 2013 his buddy and guardian, Slick, did not take it well.  Unfortunately this is what I had expected but I did not expect him to be so devastated that he did not stay around the property or sleep in the kitty condo : (  Since August and September 2013, we have seen Slick but it has became less and less.  As I have previously posted, even during this past brutal winter we had here in Smithtown, he rarely slept in. On occasion we would see him come in for food and then leave.  Slick was close with the other kitties of the colony and would even sleep with them as well with Hemingway.  It seems that with the loss of his buddy that he looked after like a doting brother and protector he no longer wants to even be with the others.  I can only hope that he is safe and maybe even found a new home.  Of course I would prefer Slick to still be with the cat colony and with us but if his heart is so broken that he cannot, I want him to find another loving home.  To think he might be wasting away without enough food is so upsetting since I have no idea where he had wondered off to after Hemingway passed to even try to get him food.
There are pictures of Slick and Hemingway in the posts from August 2013, November 26, 2013, December 5, 2013 and January 27, 2014.
I only wish that people would realize how much animals feel like we do.  Obviously they cannot express themselves as we do but if the non believers took the time to care, they would see how animals show signs of happiness, insecurities,fear, love among their own kind, sadness etc....
Just as Slick appeared on my front lawn and took the role of the caregiver, guardian and buddy to Hemingway he just slipped away.  Maybe he was a kitty angel and when I hear a bell ring I know it is him but I am going on the basis that he has found another person or family to feed and care for him as I had.  Or maybe better yet, maybe he will return in the days or months ahead.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Goose Named Maria.avi (+playlist) - Sweet, Sweet Story!

What a sweet, sweet story this is!  The story is a few years old and will be trying to find out updates. Animals truly have emotions and wish more people understood this instead of hurting them.

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81 Astounding Facts About Cats by BuzzFeed

Hello All ~

I came across this cute little article someone posted on Facebook and it was too cute not to share.  Enjoy and here is the link to the article, 81 Astounding Facts About Cats ~
81 Astounding Facts About Cats

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Body language in cats

For those who are not familiar with cat language ~ enjoy this little video ^..^

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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Cat's Guide to Loving a Human - Adorable video

Enjoy this video I found on facebook via the animal rescue site - it is very cute......

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A story wonderful story of a sanctuary, forever home, for older cats

In Springfield, Illinois is a sanctuary called Forever Home Feline Ranch that provides a cageless envirnoment for older cats to live out their lives if they do not get adopted.  A wonderful story and here is the link to the story: - story of Forever Home Feline Ranch.  The direct link to there website is:

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The love of Peppie and Callie 2-18-14

From their first meeting Callie and Peppie had a special connection which only keeps growing.  Last night Peppie could not get enough of loving his little girlfriend and Callie just loved every moment : )  Callie is the black, long haired beauty and Peppie the big boy that he is.  The first video will reflect just how their bond has grown and then the second little video, well...... will show how Callie had a enough affection for now put cannot get away :)   Lastly the third and final short video shows Callie absolutely had enough and gets away.  All my pet children are rescues.  Callie was a feral 4 month old kitten and is now a loving sweetie pie!!.  Callie was rescued November of  2012.  Peppie found us the spring of 2009 and is the mushiest love bug!!

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video video

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kids Read to Homeless Cats and Everybody Wins

How wonderful is this program!! Both children and kitties get great joy!  Let's not forget the great benefit to both!!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Kitties during snow storm Jan 2014

I'm sure you all have heard of the cold, cold weather and snow we have been having here in New York. Well here is a picture of 3 of my 5 kitties during one of the storms in January where we live in Smithtown, on Long Island, New York....

Peppino, a/k/a, Peppie, sitting tall in left corner of bench, Callie sitting on the right side of the bench and then SuzieQ on the top of the chair.  They are having some entertainment with the snow and, of course, bird watching : ) 

Here is a little video too .....

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Please note ~ not birds were harmed : )

Friday, January 31, 2014

Premiere of Kitten version of the #SuperBowl - Thanks to Riverfront Cats

Thank you to Riverfront Cats for this cute video ~  Hope you enjoy ^..^

Riverfront Cats, Downtown Miami: Premiere of Kitten version of the #SuperBowl: Do you love cats AND Football? Or maybe just cats and want to skip the #SuperBowl and watch reruns of cat videos? Well we have a surprise ...

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Slick Update, Thank you's and a new follower : )

Even through this polar vortex we are having in the Northeast Slick has not been around.  The last polar vortex we had over two weeks ago he was in the kitty condo but not his time.  It breaks my heart that since the passing of his best friend Hemingway (see post of 8.17.13) Slick would do without all the comforts of  having a roof over his head and, of course, food whenever he chooses.  Whenever I did see Slick come by if I had not left for work, I'd run down to the kittie condo and give him a fresh can of food in hopes to have him realize it is still a happy place as he as all his other cat buddies he used to play and pal around with.  Now my kittie condo is my very large 2 and half car garage that my cat colony lives in.  One dream, notice I state dream, is to have enough funds to one day renovate the 2 and half car garage to be more cozy for the cat colony and for at least one of my cars : )  In this picture below is Slick and you can be assured that that day in 2009 Hemingway was some where right near by.  They use to love soaking up sun on the cold winder days.

A big Thank You to my cousin's Loretta and Dennis as they donated a cat tree for our kittie condo and the cat colony or as I call them my adopted kitties love the new addition and much appreciated! Another big Thank you to Frank for a donation of cat food - always very much appreciated!  Lastly a big welcome to our new follower, Brian that joined our blog ~ thank you for joining Caring Hearts Loving Paws ^..^

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Cat Myths Debunked from The Animal Rescue Site

Below is a link with 5 cat myths listed and then the actual fact.  Click the link and see if you knew what the fact is or not : )

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

50 cats and kittens in danger desperately need your help! | Medical Expenses -

Thanks to Animal Kind for helping these poor kitties!!  To all my followers ~ if you are able to donate the smallest amount, it would be greatly appreciated.  Click on the link below for the full story.

50 cats and kittens in danger desperately need your help! | Medical Expenses -

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas ~ Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone,their loved ones and your pet children a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!!  May all the homeless animals feel a little extra love from all the special care givers!  For all the homeless animals who do not  have a care giver may you find some extra food, extra safe and special shelter from harms way.  From all of us , and of course all the kitties too! at Caring Hearts Loving Paws ^..^

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Little Kitty Tidbit - The Coupari Cat

 Coupari Cat Photos! Enjoy ^..^

Coupari Cat Photos! - Pet360 Pet Parenting Simplified

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Online Strangers Help Women Find Her Lost Dog

A great idea and way to seek assistance in finding lost pets - enjoy the story.
Online Strangers Help Women Find Her Lost Dog

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Slick and my ebook for The Big, Beautiful, Fluffy Gray Cat

On the November 26th post I stated how Slick still does not sleep regularly in the kitty condo or 'hang' with the rest of the cat colony.  It is still this way which, to me, is upsetting.  I feel terrible for Slick that he still feels such a loss since his buddy Hemingway passed, see post of August 17, 2013, that he cannot live where he has for the last 4 to 5 years.  With the cold weather approaching, which is strange to say since we are in December but still so warm, I can only hope that this will have him forced to come inside the 'kitty condo' and then once again get back into a similar prior routine.

As for my book, The Big, Beautiful, Fluffy Gray Cat, I am excited to report that it is now finished in the ebook format and should be available shortly for purchase at and  It is available in the ebook format at  Shortly, I hope, the book with be available in the windows interactive application.  I will keep you updated ....

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Book Revue,a big thank you to Lynn and updating my blog....

I am glad and excited to report that my book seems to be making some headway and receiving positive feedback from parents of young children - yay!  I have also been in contact with The Book Revue in Huntington regarding a book reading with the children, a book signing I hope and then to have my book on their selves - another yay!!  Once I complete the arrangements for The Book Revue I hope to be on to Barnes and Noble.  Yes my book is available on line at Barnes and Noble but would love to see my book on their shelves too.  Of course I need to contact all the non for profit organizations in an attempt for them to sell my book which the proceeds would go to organization to further support there efforts.

A big Thank You to Lynn for her post and kind, supportive words about my book which led to many of my fellow school mates to do the same!  Of course a thank you to all who have purchased my book!

Lastly I am working on coordinating with a couple of individuals to have my blog 'spruced up' and will keep you all updated on that progress.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A thankful moment.......and Slick

Today as I looked out my window towards my backyard I saw two of the cats, my adopted kitties as I call them, from the cat colony merrily strolling and rubbing along the shrubs.  That sight just warmed my heart knowing that I am able to help these once homeless kitties have a safe place to roam, eat, drink and most of warm shelter.  If I could only do this for all the homeless animals which is what so many of us animal lovers dream of.  Even though this made me feel like I made a difference I quickly felt terrible for Slick.  Slick is my big, gray, once stray, cat who was the guardian and best friend to Hemingway who crossed the rainbow bring this past August 2013 - the post is August 12, 2013.  Slick has not been the same.  He does not eat at the regular time, he does not stay around the property and even with this terrible cold weather, he does not stay in their shelter, the kitty condo, too often.  So many people do not realize how animals feel just as we do.  Slick is still mourning over the loss of his best friend : (  I only hope he does go back to his routine by budding up with one of the others in the colony.  That would make me so very happy.  Here are two pictures of Slick - he is a beautiful, big gray cat and feel as though he fits the description of a true Russian Blue.

Slick on a very hot day in July 2012 on my retaining wall in my driveway.  I'm sure Hemingway was right near by : )

Slick on my hot tub in the winter 2009-getting some warmth from the sun. Again I'm sure Hemingway was right near by : )

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Meet 3 of my pet children from my cat colony ~

Here is a picture of 3 cats from the original cat colony.  That cat colony, at one time, had over 26 cats.  During all the trap, neuter and return efforts, T-N-R, some of the kittens or cats did not stay around the area.  I have always hoped they found another care taker since they were too frightened to return to the feeding station we had at that time.  As of right now, since Hemingway passed, I have 10 remaining.  In May and June of 2008 there were 2 litters of kittens born and below is a picture of 3 of them when they were a year old.  Of course they were the last litters of kittens as by then all the females were spayed.   The black cat with the white stripe down his nose is Willie, the all black cat is Isabellina, and the orange and white cat is Noah.   To see another adorable set of photo's of Noah drinking and lounging by the pool please see the post from June 10, 2011.

They enjoy, even to this day, relaxing in the back yard trying to mingle with my kitties.  Thank you for stopping by Caring Hearts Loving Paws ^..^

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Peppie ~ Can anyone say comfy : )

Here is my Peppie all comfy, cozy and completely passed out in sleepy time on two separate evenings : )

Peppie, short for his full name Peppino, has been with me for over 5 years now and he just showed up one day at feeding time with the others from my cat colony.  As you can see he has warmed his way into our home for 4 1/2 years now.  He was named Peppino for the character, not to date myself, Peppino the taking mouse.  This boy can talk up a storm : )  Every time I try to get him on video, he stops his little chatter.  One of these days I am determined to catch our little boy chatting up a storm whether it is to let us know he has come in, whether to announce he is hungry and we are not moving fast enough or just because : )

Hope these two pictures but a smile on your face : )  and thank you for stopping by Caring Hearts Loving Paws ^..^

Peppie on the eve of 10/14/13
Peppie on the eve of 10/16/13

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yay - a new member and Thank You's

Recently we had a new member join our blog ~ Welcome aboard D. DaPuzzo!   It's always a wonderful surprise when we notice, welcome and thank a new member that wants to follow our adventures : )  It has been a slow process but we are starting to get some notice.  I realize our blog needs a little bit more pizzazz and we are getting there slowly but surely : )    Also I need to be more consistent but it can be, at times, a challenge with my full time position, working all the social sites for my book and physically getting out and about to promote my book.

Last week we had a nice donation of food for my cat colony so a big Thank You to Frank!  Frank is the gentleman I met when I came across the small cat colony at the closed Kings Park Psychiatric Center which I have had them all fixed. He is the main caretaker of that colony and a few other colonies on these grounds.  The grounds are huge - if I am not mistaken, the grounds are over 300 acres.  Several earlier posts is the story of those kitties and the one kittie, SuzieQ that is now part of my pet family.  I thought you might want find the history behind this center interesting and have provided the Wikipedia link to this location - Kings Park Psychiatric Center.

Then a big thank you to my neighbor, Dolores, who was so kind as to have purchased several books and place one of them in her Veterinarian's office!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kitty Updates ~

Hello everyone ~ I am glad to report that SuzieQ is all better.  For a while I was a bit hesitant to blog about her progress as I feared it could be a jinx ~ silly I know but I was concerned.  Her fever, the first visit to the Vet, was 105.6 and then once the antibiotics wore off her symptoms started up again.  The second visit resulted in a fever of 105.8 and as my previous post mentioned, we tested her for any  possible Feline autoimmune illnesses and luckily all negative.  SuzieQ's is so active, as she should have been, and eating well - yay! She is the mother to the kittens I fostered and I believe she was very young when abandoned last year as she plays like a kitten herself.

My other kitties are all doing well and healthy too!  The adopted kitties, my cat colony, are all doing well but Slick, Hemingway's buddy and guardian, has not been himself : (   He is adjusting slowly to the loss of his buddy and is on a completely different schedule.  He does not spend much time sleeping or playing with the others on my property as he did.  I am hoping as time goes by and when winter comes he will mingle more and back to his regular self.

Rocky, of my cat colony,  was ill for a bit with what I believe was an ear infection as his head was tilted and he had difficulty with his balance.  We did not get the chance to trap him as that is not an easy task with all the places for him to run and hide but it seems he has improved on his own - thank goodness.  He still is not 100% but would say 98%.  If we can trap him at some point, he will go in for a much needed visit.

That's all for now ~  Will update more in a few days and pictures too  : )

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Big, Beautiful, Fluffy Gray Cat and Updates

Excited to have sold two books and now have orders for 10 more!  I can only hope my story, and the future books, help inspire children on the homeless animal issue and in turn help change the outcome of homeless animals!

My apologies, once again, for not being consistent with my posting : (  My full time position, finishing up the book to become a ebook application and an interactive application on Windows 8 and three of my kitties being very ill, I had become behind in posting.  Thank you to all who follow me and stick by me : )

Shortly after Hemingway's passing is when this all started. I believe they are al better but I am a bit concerned that Callie might be having a relapse and SuzieQ may not be out of the woods just yet.  The two girls and Mylo had virus's which started with Mylo, then to Callie and then SuzieQ.  They all had fevers as high as 106 which is very severe and can lead to seizures - yikes!  Luckily no seizures!  SuzieQ being the last to come down with the virus did not take to the antibiotics the first round and I am hoping this round is it. She was tested for feline autoimmune or suppression illness and luckily, again, negative!  Callie now seems as though she is acting when she first came down with the virus which she is hiding.  So far she is still eating but need to monitor her closely. Thank goodness Mia and Peppie did not come down with this virus or my cat colony!  Fingers crossed that it stays this way!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Big, Beautiful, Fluffy, Gray Cat - Finally Here!!

I am excited to announce that my book is now available!!  It is a children's book, a true story of how found is forever home.  Hope you are as excited as I am!  The book can be purchased at, and  For those that live nearby, I have books available for purchase too : ) Here are pictures of the front and back of the book -sorry for the sideways version.  Hopefully I can get a clearer and upright picture of the back of the book to upload in a few days.

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