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Being an animal lover my whole life, my hope is to do my part in raising awareness on the issue of animal homelessness and to give back to my community.....

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man." ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Monday, May 16, 2016

Candy.......and update

Hello to all,

I know you are all tired of me apologizing for the delay in between posts so I will just say that since starting at Bethpage Federal Credit Union in October 2014, I have gradually gotten busier and busier. That is good but yet bad since it takes me away from my blog and writing my next children's book.  All I can promise is that I will get back on track..........  Also since my last post I have broken my left wrist which also slowed me down a bit.  It is almost healed and trying to get full movement and strength back while being gentle not to re-injury my wrist.  Hopefully in 4 more weeks I will be told I am all healed.

Several times I had promised the update on my Candice a/k/a Candy.  To this day I keep hoping to see her come walking back home.  She vanished one day a month or so after we had the passing of Addie.  Candy was not the type to wonder away from my home.  She was a feral cat from my cat colony but was always resting in my driveway or in the garage a/k/a kitty condo and always in for breakfast and dinner.  I can only hope and pray that whatever happened to this sweet girl was without suffering.  The thought that someone trapped her I just can't see since she rarely wondered as I previously mentioned.  It is possible, I guess, as one never knows if there was the one time Candy decided to wonder a bit and someone had a trap set.  If so, I hope of hopes they are treating her well.  I try not to let my thoughts wonder or I just keep getting upset.  If she did cross the rainbow bridge, I hope she connected right away with her buddy Addie and the others from my cat colony that have crossed.

Here is a sweet picture of Candy resting in the driveway and then below she is resting with Noah, Isabella, Rocky and lastly my Addie who passed in September 2015.

Left from my original 18 in my cat colon since 2007 are Willie, Rocky, Sometimes, Isabella and Noah

Thank you for stopping by and visiting Caring Hearts Loving Paws ~ Adriana


  1. Oh Adriana, we share your concern. Colony cats have been disappearing from station one. But we do believe they are in happier place.

    1. Thank you Christina and sorry you are having a similar occurrence. Yes, may they all be in a happier place!


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