The Mission

Being an animal lover my whole life, my hope is to do my part in raising awareness on the issue of animal homelessness and to give back to my community.....

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man." ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Friday, August 5, 2016

A book event and my apologies again.....


Hello to all,

With interest rates so slow I have been so busy with my main employment- so sorry! I am still working on pushing for my book and helping homeless animals and of course the cat colonies.

In the meantime I am at an event tomorrow, 8.6.16, for a Summer Camp for children with cancer. The event will be at the Raymour and Flanigan in Garden City, 895 E Gate Blvd near BuyBuy Baby with my book; The Big, Beautiful, Fluffy Gray Cat.  I will be there from 1 to 2:15. There maybe some animals for adoption too!
Promise to "step it up" and back into a routine, regardless of how busy may be, of posting updates, stories and pictures. Above right is the advertisement for the event and as always, Thank you for stopping by or following Caring Hearts Loving Paws ~ Adriana 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Candy.......and update

Hello to all,

I know you are all tired of me apologizing for the delay in between posts so I will just say that since starting at Bethpage Federal Credit Union in October 2014, I have gradually gotten busier and busier. That is good but yet bad since it takes me away from my blog and writing my next children's book.  All I can promise is that I will get back on track..........  Also since my last post I have broken my left wrist which also slowed me down a bit.  It is almost healed and trying to get full movement and strength back while being gentle not to re-injury my wrist.  Hopefully in 4 more weeks I will be told I am all healed.

Several times I had promised the update on my Candice a/k/a Candy.  To this day I keep hoping to see her come walking back home.  She vanished one day a month or so after we had the passing of Addie.  Candy was not the type to wonder away from my home.  She was a feral cat from my cat colony but was always resting in my driveway or in the garage a/k/a kitty condo and always in for breakfast and dinner.  I can only hope and pray that whatever happened to this sweet girl was without suffering.  The thought that someone trapped her I just can't see since she rarely wondered as I previously mentioned.  It is possible, I guess, as one never knows if there was the one time Candy decided to wonder a bit and someone had a trap set.  If so, I hope of hopes they are treating her well.  I try not to let my thoughts wonder or I just keep getting upset.  If she did cross the rainbow bridge, I hope she connected right away with her buddy Addie and the others from my cat colony that have crossed.

Here is a sweet picture of Candy resting in the driveway and then below she is resting with Noah, Isabella, Rocky and lastly my Addie who passed in September 2015.

Left from my original 18 in my cat colon since 2007 are Willie, Rocky, Sometimes, Isabella and Noah

Thank you for stopping by and visiting Caring Hearts Loving Paws ~ Adriana

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Spring

Happy Spring 2016

Caring Hearts Loving Paws and I would like to send you wishes for a wonderful Spring season!

With the spring season comes kittens so if you see any abandoned kittens, please do reach out to the many organizations, local town or myself and we can guide you.  There are many organizations or towns that do not take in the kittens but if you could foster them or find them a foster, the organizations will be able to take them in once old enough.  However, there are other organizations that can take in the kittens.  Many times the only reason they cannot is due to not having fosters home for them since kittens need care and socializing.  If you do find yourself with an abandoned kitten, again, please contact some of the organizations listed on my blog or contact me and I will help you locate an organization.

Yes I cannot believe over a month since my last post as it seems I have not kept my promise but will do my best not too let so much time pass. The next post will have pictures of Candice, a/k/a Candy,  and more.........

Thank you for following or stopping by Caring Hearts Loving Paws ~ Adriana 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Cute articles and as promised, working on getting on track

Hello to all,

I hope everyone had a fun and loving Valentine's Day! Whether you had a special someone or special pet child to share the day with, I hope it was a wonderful day!

As promised, I am going to get back on track with regular posts and updates.  Today I am posting 2 cute articles; one on how we can learn from cats to deal with difficult people and the other is about breaking the typical stereotype associated with 'The Cat Lady'

Within a week or two will be a write about my sweet Candy (Candice) that I mentioned on the 1.3.16 post.  She was the other kitty that we sadly lost, simply vanished.  To this day I hope and pray it was not fowl play.   Over the past 2 and half years I have lost 6 of our adopted kitties, the cat colony kitties. Breaks my heart but what is one to do but keep caring for the others in the same manner which is to keep them  kitties safe, loved and feed knowing I did my best with those that have crossed the rainbow bridge.

There were once a total of 18 that I cared for in this colony and unfortunately some had passed but it never seemed as if so many went so close together.  In my future posts I will write those stories and the other cats I had TNR'd, cared for but they stopped coming around for reasons I will never know and before they had access to my now known kitty condo, my large 2 and half car garage.

Here are the links to the stories I believe and hope you will find as fun and interesting : )

Ten Ways we can learn from out cats : )

Down with The Cat Lady

Thank you for stopping by and following Caring Hearts Loving Paws ~ Adriana

Monday, February 1, 2016

Rest in Peace Addie......

On September 1st, 2015 we sadly lost our Addie : (

Sadly our little Addie passed and this was the difficult post I was referring to.  Addie being the one who still acted the most feral even though he was with us for 7 and half years.  He would always be around to eat, rest and have a safe place to sleep at night but I still could not really pet or get to close to him on most occasions.  For this reason, I did not know what to do as he started to take a turn for the worst.  It seemed, for a few years, he would not feel well and then bounce right back.  On many occasions I would realize he was having trouble with bowel movements.  I would give him olive oil in his food and all was better.  On a regular basis I would incorporate the olive oil into the feeding schedule to help Addie and the other kitties.  We know it couldn't hurt them :)

All seemed to be going along just fine until one day in the later part of the summer I noticed how Addie was losing weight.  Knowing the trauma that would be caused by attempting to get Addie to the veterinarian, I could not decided what was best for him. Also keeping in mind that once, and if I was able to trap him, getting him to the veterinarian, I was sure continued treatment would be necessary and knew I would never be able to trap him again.  Those of us who know cats, once they know what could be coming, they will do everything in their power, even when ill, not to have the situation happen again.  Especially with ferals.  He was not truly feral but enough so.

That is why this post was so difficult to type even to this day. I still beat myself up not knowing if I made the right decision; letting him go peacefully at home without trauma or to have put him through the trauma.  To this day it brings tears to my eyes.

He progressively got worse but always ate a bit and drank his water which is part of the reason I felt it best for Addie to be home and go peacefully with is siblings and buddies.

Then on Sunday, August, 30, 2015 when he came to the back door for some food, Addie actually rubbed on my legs and looked me right in my eyes.  It broke my heart and again questioned if I took the right path for little Addie.

I will always remember that last look and one could imagine many variations as to why and what he was trying to tell me.

Sweet, little Addie ~ I hope he is running around over the rainbow bridge with all his other siblings and buddies that passed.

Here is a collage of Addie when he was well.
In the far left, by the steps, is Addie.  This is a few weeks before he passed.
In the picture with him are; Isabella (all black), Noah (orange and white), Sometimes (black with white paws)
and Candice (Calico)

Thank you for stopping by and following Caring Hearts Loving Paws ~ Adriana

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year and I'm Back ~my apologies

Happy New Year to all my followers and visitors!  I wish you all a wonderful 2016 filled with Love, Peace and Happiness!

My apologies are for several reasons;
First I let my work interfere with updating and posting on my blog and
Secondly the loss of two more of my adoptive kitties, Addie and Candy, made it difficulty for me to post.  Every time I started to type a post I felt sadden with the stories to tell and kept saying I will post later on.

Well here we are months later and have made a promise to myself and to my followers that I will be posting on a regular basis.  In the coming days I will post first about the loss of Addie and then Candy and you will see why I was torn to tell the stories.

I know it sounds so silly about not being able to complete the posts about the two kitties when caring for the stray and feral cats, there are times it weighs on one as to what maybe could have been done differently to help or what happened and where did they go hoping they did not suffer.  My cat colony was over 16 and now I am down to 5.  They live in my very large garage, coming in and out as they please, so even though one gets very attached to a cat colony they care for but when they live this close it is a bit harder as, again, you feel maybe one could have done more.

For all the homeless animals, I always wish they could be rescued and never feel any pain but only love!!

Thank you for following and stopping by Caring Hearts Loving Paws ~ Adriana