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Being an animal lover my whole life, my hope is to do my part in raising awareness on the issue of animal homelessness and to give back to my community.....

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man." ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Cat Colony at Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital ~

This post updated May 14, 2013 ~

On Monday, April 15, 2013, I was able to trap one of the three adorable friendly and adorable cats I have been helping to care for at the once Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital grounds.  I will have to get the few pictures of these these cutie pies uploaded.  The only reason I waited to T-N-R is I was hoping to be able to find them a home to relocate all 3 together once I had them fixed. But now the two females are pregnant and can no longer wait.  Once I was able to connect with the main care taker of this cat colony I learned that these 3 where dropped off over a year ago.  At that time there was two adult cats with a kitten which is one reason they are so friendly.  The mother, who I call Dorie, loves to rub all over me when I am feeding them.  Dorie loves the  attention and all the petting.  They have remained friendly since the gentleman who has been caring for this little colony has shown them the love they deserve since the day he discovered them.

The cat that was trapped was the little boy who I call Billy.  He will be probably be released back to what he knows as his home tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.  While tomorrow I will be hoping to trap the two females, Dorie and her daughter SuzieQ.

Here is a picture of SuzieQ, Dorie and Billy eating in the Fall of 2012 ~

I will update you all in a few days and promise to update the blog on a more regular basis.  Yes I have made that promise before but with a full time position, I do get side tracked - my apologies for that.  In the post to follow will include updates on my other cat colony and Callie my last rescue from November 2011.

Lastly, my book is in the last stages for the sketches so hopefully I will be back on track with my children's non-fiction book too!

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  1. Hello, I am an animal lover & volunteer. I was told that there is a feral cat colony at the kings park psych center that needed help. I was very happy to find your page in a search & glad to see that you are doing TNR. Can you contact me so we can talk & be sure this is the same location I was told about. my email is thank you

  2. Hi Rebecca, I wanted to thank you for becoming a follower and appreciate your concerns. It has been nice emailing with you and look forward to further emails or speaking with you. ~Adriana

  3. Thanks Adriana...we will chat soon!


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