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Being an animal lover my whole life, my hope is to do my part in raising awareness on the issue of animal homelessness and to give back to my community.....

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man." ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm Back and Children's Book update ~

Hello everyone and sorry for the lack of updates on the kittens, their mommie and my cat colony.  Work, my main position, became a bit more hectic for several reasons which limited the time and brain power to posting except for the quick access to sharing articles that were easily available.

I will be posting more updates of the kittens with their mom in as much chronological order with exceptions here and there.

Also big news is that my non fiction children's book about Ollie is on it's way to production as all the illustrations have been signed off - Yay!  Yes it took me some time to get to this point but between work as well as connecting with some professional  writers for consultations a longer than expect delay occurred. Not being or every thinking I would be an author, it was important to me to connect and follow through with suggestions from my consultation to ensure my book is as creditable as possible.

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